Financial Advisory Services

We provide Financial Advisory Services backed by years of experience and established analytical expertise. Our trusted team of valuation experts, with real-world management and consulting backgrounds, provide advice that can help advance your vision.

Our key Services Areas in Financial Advisory are:

Pre-Feasibility Studies:

Preliminary feasibility analysis involves the metric and data specific studies of macro business environment along with the specific projects. In order to cater the imprecise investment ideology of our clients, we provide comprehensive examination of business opportunities through our preliminary economic assessments, scoping studies and financial projections based on prevailing industry standards. Our such contributions allow our prospective clients a clear & distinct view of their investment philosophy and an opportunity to filter out best available options for further appraisals.

Feasibility Studies:

Feasibility study is the most professional method to analyze and determine whether a new venture will be practical with investors in a particular demographics and marketplace. With an integrated team of strategy consultants, financial and market analysts, we are exclusively positioned to drive every aspect of feasibility studies. Our feasibility analysis provides vital support in selecting the most viable investment opportunities. The feasibility studies, besides providing a basis for an investment decision, will serve the following purposes:

  • Structure and speed up negotiations with joint-venture partners.
  • Obtain the required government licenses, incentives, subsidies, etc..
  • Function as a ‘selling document’ for investors.
  • Help implement the project Serve as a first operational business plan.

Financial Modeling:

We assist clients with developing complex and sophisticated financial models for raising capital and assessing new business opportunities, as well as for other internal and/or strategic purposes. We also help our clients in developing long- term financial projections and business plans.

Investment Advisory:

We believe that investment research is essential to delivering better outcomes for clients. It’s our job to accumulate and interpret facts to reach sound investment conclusions and expert investment advice. Our investment studies mainly support the local and international investors to evaluate the investment opportunities in different sectors through rigorous financial analysis and by keeping in mind the market conditions.