Value Added Tax

Our network of VAT and industry focused specialists help businesses manage their indirect taxes effectively by providing tax technical support, guidance on effective processes implementation, and leveraging technology solutions.

VAT have been a feature of tax systems in over 150 Countries all over the world, which is now going to be implemented in GCC countries from January, 2018. An inherent feature of the VAT is the self-assessment nature. Every business which will be VAT registered (or required to be VAT registered) must record, assess and report its VAT obligations and entitlements, in accordance with the law, to the tax authorities. Early awareness and preparation for the potential implications and opportunities is paramount to ensure smooth transition and optimization of the costs for every organization which is subject to VAT. By our hands-on and interactive approach, we can assist our clients in: Implementation of VAT operating model, within your organization across Finance, Tax and Supply Chain functions, Preparation of periodic VAT returns for filing with the tax authorities (either monthly or quarterly).